U.S. Office of Special Counsel Complaint & Disclosure Form

Rick Bright’s Primary Claims Include:
Retaliation for Protected Activity An agency official is prohibited from taking, failing to take, or threatening to take or fail to take a against any employee or applicant for federal employment because of (A) the exercise of an appeal, complaint, or grievance right granted by any law, rule or regulation; (B) testifying or otherwise lawfully assisting any individual in the exercise of any such right; (C) cooperating with or disclosing information to the Inspector General (or any other component responsible for internal investigation or review) of any agency, or the Special Counsel; or (D) refusing to obey an order that would require the individual to violate a law, rule, or regulation. personnel action 5 U.S.C. § 2302(b)(9).

See former US CDC official Rick Bright’s complete May 4, 2020 whistleblower complaint below:

Click HERE for the Full Complaint & Disclosure Form.

U.S Office of Special Counsel https://osc.gov/


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