Current Litigation

Nuedexta: Drug Being Pushed “Off-Label” On Elderly In Nursing Homes = $116 Million Settlement

Avanir Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Nuedexta, a prescription drug approved to treat a rare neurological condition is earning hundreds of millions of dollars a year  by aggressively targeting elderly nursing home residents in “off-label” use, for whom the drug may be unnecessary and now recognized as unsafe. Off-label use is when a company offers and […]

JUUL: How Big Tobacco bought into a company that killed teens for profit!

The FDA missed a deadly corporate marketing campaign–AGAIN! Juul’s popularity was fueled by the company’s social media marketing that featured attractive young people in fun, trendy settings. A report by Stanford University researchers concluded that Juul’s launch marketing was “patently youth oriented” and “subsequently Juul’s principal advertising themes have been closely aligned with that of traditional tobacco advertising.” Why […]

Why Does the FDA Ignore “Off-Label” Drug Marketing While Thousands Die Every Year?

Profits Before Patients is the FDA-Big Pharma Shared Model “BY REMOVING FDA OVERSIGHT BIG PHARMA WAS ALLOWED TO PROFIT FROM LIES” (October 19, 2019) (MASS TORT NEWS)  Starting in 2017 and continuing into the foreseeable future, Big Pharma has been fighting major legal battles related to off-label marketing of drugs for unintended uses. They also […]